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Perle og Bruse genser (Norwegian and English)

Perle og Bruse genser (Norwegian and English)

50,00 kr

Digitalt mønster på genseren "Perle og Bruse".

Digital knit pattern for the sweater "Perle and Bruse". Perle and Bruse are the two mascots, and the name of the two well known gondolas up to Ulriken i Bergen. 

Paelas had desiigned this sweater and it is therefore now avialable as a knit pattern. The knit kit cam be bought at the top of the mountain i Bergen :-) 


Sizes: 1-2 (2-4) 4-6 (6-8) y

Yarn: Alpakka from Sandnes garn 

Needles: 4 mm 


PS! The pink version shows the sweater without buttons and with knitted buttonholes around the neck and a knittes ribbon instead.